73156 Standard 5 Group


Issued April 2019


  1.  Title.

The name of the Society shall be ‘73156 Standard 5 Group’.

      2.  Objectives.

a)  The objectives of the Society shall be to support the preservation of ex BR Standard Class 5 steam locomotive number 73156.

b)  The Society shall seek to provide to the Bolton Steam Locomotive Company Ltd (hereafter referred to as the Company) voluntary practical assistance of eligible members (i.e. all categories except Junior) in the work of maintaining and/or improving locomotive number 73156 and its components, and all other objects of the Company.  Under no circumstances will Junior Members be eligible to work on locomotive number 73156 or its components.  If work is to be undertaken at the premises of a third party organisation (e.g. Great Central Railway PLC) all obligations stipulated by that organisation for statutory purposes (e.g. insurance) shall apply and take precedence.  Except as provided for by a third party organisation, any work voluntarily undertaken by an eligible member shall be at the total risk of that eligible member.


  1. Membership & Subscriptions.

a)  There will be 5 classes of membership, namely: Adult, Joint Adult, Junior (under 16 years), Senior (60 years or over) and Joint Senior (60 years or over).

b)  Subscriptions shall be of sums agreed from time to time by the members at the Annual General Meeting, payable in advance from the date of joining, or annually from 1st May each year.  New members paying subscriptions on or after 1st October in any year will attract 18 months.  Any member who fails to pay his or her subscriptions following the reminder process shall cease to be a member, but may be re-admitted subsequently on payment of his subscription for the year of his re-admission.

c)  Company Shareholders who may wish to become a member of the Society do not attract any form of exemption from annual membership fees.

d)  The Committee shall have the power to suspend for up to 60 days or determine the membership of any member not complying with the rules of the Society, or doing anything detrimental to the interests of the Society.  Such a member shall be given specific written notice informing him or her of the complaints and 7 days notice of their consideration by the suspension or determination shall be by a decision of two thirds of the Committee.  In neither case will any portion of the membership fee be refunded.


  1. Committee & Officers.

a)  The business of the Society shall be managed by a Committee which shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Membership Secretary and up to 5 Committee Members, all of whom shall be elected to hold office from one Annual General Meeting to the next when they shall become eligible for re-election.  All the officers and the majority of the Committee Members shall be over 21 years of age.  Committee Members shall be required to attend three of the four quarterly Committee meetings held in each term of office.  Advice of non-attendance should be notified to the Hon. Secretary.

b)  Committee meetings (other than special) shall normally be held quarterly.  All members not elected to the Committee, together with Company representatives shall be entitled to attend Committee meetings (other than special), but shall not have the power to vote.

c)  The Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancy in its numbers which may occur during the year.  Committee members thus co-opted shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting, but may offer themselves for re-election.

d)  The Committee shall be empowered to appoint officers and to form Sub-Committees for any special purpose, and may invite any member of the Society to serve on such Sub-Committee.  Any such Sub-Committee shall be dissolved at the end of the appointing Committee’s year of office, but may be re-appointed by the new Committee elected at the Annual General

e)  Questions arising at meetings of the Committee and any Sub-Committee shall be determined by a majority vote, and in the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the right to make a second or casting vote.

f)  The quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of the Committee shall be 3 members, or not less the one-half of the members of the Committee, whichever is the greater.

g)  No resolution or decision of the Committee shall be rescinded at any future Committee meeting unless the intention to rescind the same shall be communicated in the notice convening such meeting, or unless three-quarters of those present shall agree to waive such notice.

h)  Special meetings of the Committee shall be convened by the direction of the Chairman, or on written requisition of at least three members of the Committee, or the existing members of the Committee whichever shall be the lesser number.  Such requisition shall specify clearly the object or objects for which the meeting has been convened.  At least 3 days notice, but longer if possible, of each special Committee meeting, shall be given by the Hon. Secretary.

i)  Particulars of the business to be conducted at each Committee meeting shall, in so far as it is practicable, be stated on the convening notice.  Any members of the Committee desiring to place a motion on the agenda of the quarterly Committee meeting will do so by notifying the Secretary at least ten days before the meeting.


  1. General Meetings.

a)  An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in April each year for the transaction of the following business :

a1)  To receive the Annual Accounts of the Society including the balance as at the 31st December in the previous year.

a2)   To receive the Annual Report of the Hon. Membership Secretary.

a3)   To receive a report from the Company.

a4)   To elect Principal Officers of the Society.

a5)   To consider, and if necessary give effect to, any other business or motion of which notice shall have been given to the Hon. Secretary by the member wishing to propose it at least ten days before the Annual General Meeting.

b)  Written notice of each Annual General Meeting shall be despatched by the Hon. Secretary at least 21 clear days before the Annual General Meeting, which shall show the business to be conducted.

c)  Extraordinary General Meetings may be held at any time by direction of the Committee or on the requisition of at least one half of the current membership.  Not less than 7 clear days shall be given to the members generally, and the objects of the meeting shall be stated both in the requisition where such made, and in the notice convening the meeting.

d)  Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by at least one third of the members present.  ln the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

e)  No resolution or decision of a General Meeting shall be rescinded at any future Annual General Meeting unless the intention to rescind the same shall have been communicated in the notice convening the meeting.

f)  At any General Meeting, the quorum required for eligible members to vote shall be 10


  1. Elections.

Elections of the Principal Officers, members of the Committee and other appointments within the Society, shall be conducted at each Annual General Meeting.  Nominations shall be proposed and seconded in writing and received by the Hon. Secretary 10 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  lf there are more nominations than there are vacancies, a ballot shall be held to determine which candidate shall be elected but otherwise, except in the case of Principal Officers, candidates may be elected as one body.


  1. Public Announcements.

No member of the Committee, or Society member shall make any Public Announcements, nor speak to the press/media about the Society without the written consent of the Chairman.


  1. Finances.

a)  The financial year of the Society shall commence on the 1st of January each year.

b)  The Society shall be responsible for its own debts and obligations.

c)  The funds of the Society shall be under the control of the Committee, and no expenses shall be settled, nor monies paid out, except by the authority of the Committee.

d)  The Hon. Treasurer shall keep proper books of account and shall place all monies received by him in such a bank as the Committee may from time to time direct, the bank account concerned being in the name of “73156 Standard 5 Group”.

e)  All cheques and other orders relating to the banking account of the Society shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and countersigned by the Hon. Secretary or Chairman.

f)  All subscriptions due to the Society shall be accepted by the Hon. Membership Secretary only.  All other monies shall be accepted by the Hon. Treasurer.

g)  Accounts prepared by the Hon. Treasurer, which shall include a balance sheet comprising a summary of the assets and liabilities of the Society as at 31st December each year, shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting and circulated to the general body of the members.


  1. Rules.

a)  The Committee shall be empowered to make rules or regulations from time to time in the interest of, or for carrying on the conduct of the Society, provided that such rules and regulations do not conflict with the spirit and meaning of the Constitution.

b)  No alteration may be made to this Constitution except at a General Meeting of the Society.  Such alteration shall not take effect unless carried by a majority vote of at least two-thirds of the members eligible to vote and who are present at such meeting.  For this purpose only, existing members of the Committee will be excluded when deciding whether or not a quorum is present at the meeting. Any request from the members for an amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary and dealt with in accordance with the procedures laid down under paragraph 5c.


  1. Membership Database.

The Database is the sole property of the Society and is subject to the Data Protection Act.  Updating is in the care of the Hon. Membership Secretary.  Access to the Database for viewing purposes is only allowed to Society Officials.  The Database shall not be passed on to any third party.


  1. Publications.

The Society shall publish a six monthly newsletter titled “The Standard”.


  1. Voluntary Dissolution.

The Society may at any time be dissolved by a resolution to do so passed at an Extraordinary General Meeting, and confirmed by three quarters of the members eligible to vote.  Such confirmation to be testified by their signatures to an instrument of dissolution whereupon :

a)  All outstanding debts and charges shall be discharged.

b)  Subject to a), the assets of the Society shall be transferred to the Company, or, in the event of the Company being liquidated or no longer being a going concern, to a body with similar objects to those of the Society and a similar distribution of assets on dissolution.